What Dissolves Dog Poop In The Yard?

Dealing with dog poop can be difficult in certain circumstance, sometimes there just isn’t the option to go round picking it up. In this situation we need to consider what disolves dog poop in the yard so we have a viable option to deal with this sometimes sticky situation.

When it comes to owning a dog as a pet, there are many perks that come with the job – dogs are devoted companions, they love keeping active and they can give great cuddles on the couch.

But that does not mean that dogs don’t come with their negative attributes. After all, dogs can bite, they can be overly energetic and sometimes they can leave your yard covered in poop.

Picking up dog poop is a disgusting task at the best of times, and when your back garden is layered in your pet’s deposits, it can be abysmal.

Sometimes, there can be so much poop that you have no way of picking it all up, which could lead to other ‘accidents’ in the future. So how can you combat dog poop when picking it up is out of the question? Well, you could try dissolving it. 

Why Dissolve Dog Poop?

If you are constantly finding dog poop in your garden or yard, then dissolving could be a viable method for getting rid of the mess.

However, dissolving your dog’s poop should not be the go-to response, as the process does come with some negative side effects that could damage your lawn and flowerbeds. 

Admittedly the most effective way to remove dog poop from your yard is by picking it up, as this is a cleaner and efficient method that leaves behind very little mess.

However, if your heart is set on taking the dissolving approach, then you may need to only utilize it during unique or serious situations. 

For example, you may live in an area of the world where the weather is constantly cold and icy, then scooping may not be enough to rid your lawn of your dog’s leavings.

In scenarios such as this one, dissolving your dog’s poop may be the only answer to fixing your problems. 

Other dog owners may live in a house that has an Astroturf lawn, which can be particularly difficult to clean once your dog has done their business.

To keep the artificial grass clean and sanitary, dissolving the poop can be a novel and efficient solution. 

What Dissolves Dog Poop?

Although it may be hard to imagine, you can dissolve dog poop using a variety of products found in your home or garage.

Down below we have outlined three effective methods for dissolving your dog’s poop, as well as the various positives and negatives that come along with them. 

Gardening Lime

Gardening lime, otherwise known as agricultural lime, is a rock powder that is primarily used by gardeners and landscapers. The lime powder is used to increase the Ph levels in garden soil, making the earth more acidic for certain varieties of plants. 

If you want to dissolve some pesky dog poop, then you can sprinkle some line directly onto the mess and watch it dissolve over a few days. Because the substance is widely used, it is easy to purchase. 

However, gardening lime does come with some major warnings. For one, the powder itself is caustic, which means it can give you a serious burn upon contact with your skin.

So make sure you always wear protective gloves when scattering it, we also recommend keeping it away from dogs and children. 

Lime powder can also burn or damage your lawn when used in large quantities. So if you want to keep your garden safe, choose a more nature-friendly alternative. 

Malt Vinegar

Vinegar is one of those household condiments that has a real Inspector Gadget vibe – in that it can do anything. You can use vinegar as a disinfectant, a toilet cleaner and you can even use it to dissolve dog poop. 

However, vinegar is only partially effective at dissolving dog poop and may even make the poop mushy instead of drying it out.

This is probably the best option for people with faux lawns, as the vinegar’s acidity will help to clean the synthetic materials. 

Vinegar may not be the best option if you have a sensitive sense of smell, as vinegar does pack a powerful and putrid aroma.

It can also be slightly damaging to grass if used in large quantities, so you may have to dilute it with water. 

Enzyme Dissolvers

Of course, there are actual products that are created to dissolve dog poop, with there being a range of companies that make enzyme-based solutions.

Unlike other products, these dissolvers are natural and do not rely on dangerous chemicals that could damage your lawn.

These dissolvers work by draining the poop of any moisture, which helps to reduce the smell. The lack of moisture also makes the poop shrink in size, to the point where it will look practically invisible on your lawn. 

These items are easy to purchase and some can rid your garden of dog-related messes in under two hours. So why not check them out for a quick and easy fix? 

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