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Best Types of Lawn Sprinklers

Manually watering your yard with a hose can be time consuming. Time that you can be invested more productively elsewhere. Having said that, watering you lawn is still an impotant part of lawn care and should no be overlooked if you you want healthy grass. This article will make the job of watering your yard easier by identifying the best type of lawn sprinklers to meet your particular requirements.

Best Types of Lawn Sprinklers and Hoses

Why You Need A Good Sprinkler

Everyone wants a nice yard, a safe place where the kids can play. Caring for a lawn is requires commitment but you can make the job a lot easier if you have the correct equipment. Watering it daily with a hose is not something that you would want to do if you are a busy person. That’s why you need a good sprinkler system that eases your watering tasks and takes less of your time.

Moreover, by using a good sprinkler, we can protect our lawn from the damage that often happens due to over or under-watering. You can find a wide range of sprinklers to help you manage your landscape watering. Here, we will be discussing some most popular sprinklers that work best for different types of lawns.

Rotary Sprinkler Type

Rotary sprinklers are the most common and cheapest lawn sprinklers. Rotary type sprinklers are easy to install and evenly spread water over the coverage area. Simply attach the sprinkler to a garden hose and turn on the water.

The more expensive rotary sprinklers also have weather sensors in them. Weather sensors help predict weather conditions, and only turn the sprinkler on during dry periods, saving water and help to prevent water run off.

Best Rotary Sprinklers

Orbit 58573N H2O-6 Gear Drive Sprinkler

This rotary sprinkler is an incredible investment for those who love maintaining their garden but are not tech-savvy. Now, you don’t have to end up watering your large gardens by hose or manual sprinklers.

Orbit H2O sprinkler comes with an easy installation that you can use right away after unpacking it. All you need is to push the spike into the soil, attach the hose, and you are ready to water your lawn.

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The sprinkler has eleven spray patterns that make it ideal for all types of lawns. Just rotate the collar tab and select the spray pattern of your choice. This sprinkler has a watering range from 25 to 360 degrees. Also, you can adjust the water diffusing pattern according to the need of your lawn. You don’t have to waste the excessive water into drainage or spoil your garden with overwatering.

Moreover, you can also use it with multiple sprinklers to expand the water coverage. It covers a wide range of areas up to 5,026 square feet in a full circle. The sprinkler is made of durable and robust plastic for multiple seasons. Works with a garden hose.


  • Six pattern modes: large, medium, flat, small, vertical, and shower
  • Covers up to 80 feet in diameter
  • Angle adjustment: the angle of the watering pattern is extensively managed to control the arc
  • Easy Installation: does not require any expertise; easy to use and remove


  • It does not include a timer and a motion sensor

Oscillating Sprinkler Type

Oscillating sprinklers are the most common types of sprinklers used for large areas of lawn. These oscillating sprinklers make it convenient to water your lawn correctly. They consist of a single metallic pipe with multiple holes that sprinkle the water over the area. The water spreads in a rainbow pattern that covers every inch of your lawn.

Oscillating sprinklers cover a larger area of land up to 2300 meters or even more sometimes. The multiple tiny nozzles deliver an equal quantity of water to all areas. The oscillating sprinkler moves back and forth, irrigating your garden correctly. Not everyone can afford underground systems, so these oscillating sprinklers are a good choice at a much lesser price.

Best Oscillating Sprinklers

Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor is one of the pioneers of manufacturing oscillating sprinklers. Melnor 65074-AMZ XT turbo oscillating sprinkler is perfect either you have a large lawn or a small one. Twenty precision nozzles in this sprinkler cover a large area of up to 4,500 square feet.

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This sprinkler comes with two dimensions of adjustability. With the range adjustment feature, you can adjust the length of the sprinkler. The twin touch width adjustment feature allows independent side adjustments. You can change it according to your watering needs. It is one of the best sprinklers; easy to use and easy on the pocket. Works with a garden hose.


  • Light-weighted
  • Suitable for yards up to 4, 500 sq. Ft.
  • Sturdy and can last for much longer
  • Adjustable spread distance and width


  • It does not include a timer
  • It does not come with a metal sled

Misting Sprinkler Type

Just as the name suggests, misting sprinklers are those spraying water on plants. While the water reaches only the plant’s root in other watering methods, this system delivers water to the whole plant, thus keeping it cool and wet.

Best Misting Sprinklers

Eden 94124 Multi-Pattern Turbo Gear Drive Sprinkler

Eden sprinkler plus misting system is an excellent deal for the homeowners to get all the different types of sprinklers in one system. Ideal for all lawn sizes as it covers up to 78 feet in diameter. Works with a garden hose.

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The misting system comes with five different spray patterns for versatile watering. 360-degree rotation enables you to adjust the range tab according to your requirements. Mist function is ideal for cooling your lawn on hot summer days. The lock feature of the misting system makes sure that the sprinkler does not detach at any point.


  • 360-degree angle rotation
  • Suitable for yards up to 4,860 sq. ft
  • No need to turn off the water to change the tools
  • It consists of 5 spray patterns


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Mist can blow around in windy conditions

GLANT Misting Cooling System

GLANT misting is one of the best misting systems with all the desired features in our misting system. It is made with high-quality brass and has excellent resistance against UV, microbial degradation, hydrolysis, and fading.

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It is a quick and convenient misting system that assembles in less than 10 minutes. Each nozzle comes with a leak-proof ring that makes you converse 70% of the water you waste during regular irrigation. Brass misting nozzles are highly durable and show more strength than other similar nozzles. It is an ideal system for cooling, humidifying, watering, irrigation of your lawns, gardens, and patios.


  • Perfect for cooling your yards
  • It consists of precision brass, anti-rust nozzles
  • No water leakage during usage


  • A bit expensive

Giraffe Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Giraffe tools are helping the homeowners by making excellent quality hose reels for ages. Now there is no need to hold the heavy hoses manually. This Giraffe reel is easy to use; mount it on the wall and swivel 180 degrees.

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The Giraffe reel is made with high-quality polyethylene casing, making it long-lasting and withstanding all the harsh weather conditions. This 130 feet long hose reel is ideal for large lawns. But if you have a smaller one, it is also a perfect purchase for you. The Giraffe retractable garden reel has a unique lock mechanism that locks the reel at any length. With a high water flow rate, it is one of the best sprinklers for homeowners.


  • 180-degree rotations cover all areas
  • The quick lock mechanism ensures the desired length of the reel
  • Nine different pattern nozzles


  • It is a bit expensive

Direct MFG Garden Hose Connectors

A garden hose is required for most of the sprinkler types specified in the article the Direct MFG garden hose connector will ensure your hose will fit the sprinkler types. The Direct MFG garden hose connector comes with a pair of male and female hose connectors for ultimate connectivity. The connectors are made from solid brass, avoiding rust and corrosion. The rubber washer provides an excellent grip to connect perfectly well with the sprinklers, hose, faucets, or any other attachment. This rubber washer makes the system leakage-proof.

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  • A durable and sturdy connector lasts for a longer time
  • Leakage proof


  • You have to shut them off manually

When To Use Sprinklers?

When it comes to taking care of your lawn, you need to invest a lot of money and time. Ideally, watering the lawn in the early morning makes your yard greener and extends the life of your plants. But, if you have a larger yard, it would be time-consuming to water your garden with a hose for 30 or more minutes.

In that case, water sprinkler systems are an ideal investment. With a sprinkler, you can water more areas of your lawn in a much lesser time. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to have an automatic water sprinkler system, it will save much of your time and energy. These automated sprinkler systems have pre-programmed watering schedules.

Best Sprinklers For Large Lawns

Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Sprinklers are the ideal solution to your large yards where you have to turn on the system, and it automatically delivers the optimal water to your garden. For large lawns, we recommend rotary sprinklers because of their comprehensive coverage. Suppose you are concerned about the environment as well. In that case, the rotary sprinklers are a perfect matchn as they will prevent overwatering, and you can successfully save a large amount of water.

Best Sprinklers For Small Lawns

Orbit 58573N H2O-6 Gear Drive Sprinkler

Small lawns are more accessible to water than bigger ones. The only problem we face is not evenly watering all areas. So, getting the best sprinkler for your lawn is the only choice left to you. You must know your watering requirements, and you can select accordingly.

Although there are no specific sprinklers designed for a particular type of lawn, you can try the rotary sprinklers as they give full coverage to any lawn type.

Best Sprinklers For New Lawn

Eden 94124 Multi-Pattern Turbo Gear Drive Sprinkler

We usually invest a lot of time and money in landscaping our yards. But after some time, we do not maintain its look as it requires much effort. To avoid this situation, the homeowners should invest in the best sprinklers for their new lawns.

Remember, not all sprinklers are the same and do not necessarily work in the same way. So you need to go through all the details before purchasing. We have already discussed different types of sprinklers in this article that would be the best purchase for you. Understand your watering requirements and then select one of the best sprinklers for your new lawn.

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