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Best Lawn Rakes For Your Yard

Today we look at a selection of the best lawn rakes. If you choose a good quality rake it should last you a lifetime.

Rakes are one of the necessary tools used in lawn care. Without a decent rake maintaining your lawn is almost impossible. No matter what season, it’s imperative to have a reliable rake on hand. In the fall, it’s vital that you have a leaf rake to collect leaves and other autumn debris. In the spring, a good dethatching rake can save your lawn from suffocating. That’s why it’s important to invest in multiple tools that will serve you whenever you need them. I have put together this list of the best lawn rakes that I use regularly in my lawn care job.

Best Lawn Rakes

  • Bully Tools Poly Leaf Rake
  • True Temper Adjustable Thatching Rake
  • True Temper Clog Free Poly Leaf Rake
  • Wolf-Garten Interlocken Dethatching Rake
  • Jardineer Adjustable Garden Rake
  • TRG The Groundskeeper II Rake
  • VonHaus Electric 2 in 1 Lawn Dethatcher
  • Greenworks Amp Corded Dethatcher
  • HOMIMP Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake
  • True Temper Steel Bow Rake

In a Hurry?
Don’t have time to read through the whole guide and just want our top recommendations, we have you covered. Here are our top picks for the best lawns rakes depending on your needs:

Best Leaf Rake
Bully Tools Poly Leaf Rake – Click here for the latest price

Best Hand Thatching Rake
True Temper Adjustable Thatching Rake – Click here for the latest price

Best Wire Rake
Jardineer Adjustable Garden Rake – Click here for the latest price

Best Garden Rake
True Temper Steel Bow Rake – Click here for the latest price

Best Powered Rake
Sun Joe Electric 2 in 1 Lawn Dethatcher – Click here for the latest price

Types of Rakes 

There are about 5 different types of rakes, though you can use certain rakes for other purposes. 

  • Leaf Rakes 
  • Dethatching Rakes 
  • Wire Rakes
  • Garden Rakes
  • Powered Rakes 

We’ll expand on these later, but for now, let’s discuss what makes the best lawn rakes so good. Contrary to popular belief, materials and price aren’t great indicators of quality. A hardy plastic rake of middling price might be better than an expensive steel rake. It all depends on preference, purpose, durability, and functionality. 

A cheap rake from the local hardware store might do the job in a pinch, but it’s better to invest in a nice, durable tool that you can use every year. Functionality also becomes important when buying tools. Some rakes might look nice in your lawn tool lineup, but they just won’t hold up in comparison to your old, bent rake from two seasons ago. 

However, everything comes down to preference in the end. You’ll be the one holding and using your gardening tools, so don’t be afraid to opt for something less expensive or durable if it looks easier to handle. 

Now, let’s get into the different types of rakes, and our recommendations for the best of the bunch. 

Best Rakes For Leaves

Leaf rakes are probably the first thing you think of when you imagine a rake. A wide, long-pronged tool that gathers up leaves into a neat pile. While many different types of rakes can be used to scrape up leaves, a good leaf rake will go over your lawn gently. They won’t get caught in the grass, and they won’t get clogged up. 

While it’s usually a good idea to invest in metal tools, many leaf rakes are made using heavy-duty plastic. This makes them lightweight and easy to use, especially for children. Plastic rakes also tend to be more flexible, and the prongs can be shaped differently for gathering up debris. 

Bully Tools Poly Leaf Rake 

The Bully Tools Poly Leaf Rake comes with an extra-wide fan of prongs, so you can rake up autumn leaves in a matter of minutes. The plastic ends are flexible, which allows them to go over grass and tree roots without bending or breaking off. The wide design makes it perfect for those with large lawns; you won’t have to spend hours going over your yard to clear away fall debris. 

The only downside is that the prongs are thin, but there’s enough of them and they’re close enough together that this likely won’t become an issue. This rake might not be the best for hard lawn work, but it will make raking up leaves an easy task. The fiberglass handle and rubber end also make it the ideal tool to hand off to your children when they want to help with chores. One of the best lawn rakes for clearing debris and leaves. Not suitable for scarifying.

HOMIMP Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

If you need a quick, easy rake with a ton of options, this HOMIMP Garden Rake is perfect. The handle can change lengths depending on what you need it for: you can clear out your garden with the short stick, or get in between large shrubs with the extra-long handle. 

The rake head is narrow and short, which allows it to get in narrow places with no issue. While this limits its efficiency when raking a large lawn, this rake is built for just about anything. If you maintain it and store it correctly, you can use it every day for years.

True Temper Clog-Free Poly Leaf Rake 

The design of this rake is a bit different than its Bully Tools companion, but not in a bad way. The prongs are wide and scoop-shaped, which lets them gather up everything in their path. This unique design also prevents clogs, so you won’t have to stop every few minutes to pull leaves off the end of your rake. It’s great for gathering up leaves, twigs, and even things like pinecones and sweet gumballs.

The True Temper Rake also comes with an extra-padded handle, so you can use it all afternoon without blistering your hands. However, the scoop-prongs might not get deep enough into your lawn to gather up everything. This rake is perfect for going over grass and sweeping up messes, but it might fall short if you need to rake in hard-to-reach places. 

Best Rakes For Dethatching

Thatch is good for your lawn in small amounts; a thin layer of thatch can regulate soil temperature and moisture. However, this protective layer can quickly become too thick. Many people neglect their lawns by skipping the dethatching process, but this can lead to thin, sparse grass that’s suffocating under a layer of stems and shoots.

Dethatching is impossible to do without the right tools, and a regular rake simply isn’t cut out for the job. This is why having a good dethatching rake in your inventory is vital. Dethatching rakes are sharp and curved, which makes them perfect for grabbing and ripping up thatch without ruining your grass in the process. 

Wolf-Garten Interlocken Dethatching Rake

The Wolf-Garten Interlocken Dethatching Rake is simple and efficient, which is exactly how lawn tools should be. The long prongs will get deep into your grass to pull up old roots and stems, and even heavy layers of thatch won’t stand a chance once you get going. The head is made entirely of metal, and it will last years before you need a replacement. 

One complaint is that it doesn’t come with a handle, though the detachable head might be a benefit for some people who like to swap their tools around. If you’re not sure where to start with dethatching, this tool is perfect for beginners. 

True Temper Adjustable Thatching Rake

The True Temper Adjustable double-sided thatching rake comes with a handle, and the blades are a bit shorter and sharper. It will make easy work of your yard, and it comes with a padded grip on the end for stability. You can also switch which side you work with to prevent either end from becoming dull. 

The short, straight prongs also might make ripping up thatch a bit more difficult, though it’s sharp enough that you likely won’t notice. This is a sturdy rake that will last a long time, though it might be a bit heavy and labor-intensive to use. This is one of the best lawn rakes for a variety of jobs and can also be used for scarifying.

Best Wire Rakes

Wire rakes are unique because they can be used for almost anything. They can gather up leaves, spread fertilizer, gently rake between plants, and even move gravel. A good wire rake is a necessity for any landscaper, regardless of their ability level. This is the kind of tool you will use year-round, so it’s important that you invest in one that will last. 

While a wire rake might not replace every other tool in your inventory, it will serve as a good catch-all on the days where you just want to give your lawn a quick sweep. These maintenance tools are great to have around and can last for years if properly stored. 

Jardineer Adjustable Garden Rake

If you’re looking for a truly versatile rake, the Jardineer Adjustable Garden Rake might be your golden ticket. This rake is completely adjustable: it can flare out into a wide leaf rake, or contract into a narrow form for tight spaces. The locking mechanism keeps the tines in place while you work, so you won’t have to worry about it springing free. This is one of the best lawn rakes out of the wired options, it adjusts depending on requirements and can be used for light scarifying.

The adjustable nature of this rake also means that it’s easily stored at the end of the day. Just tighten up the prongs and slide the handle down, and you can hang it anywhere. Whether you’re gathering leaves or smoothing out soil, this is a great tool for everyday use. Only downside is that the prongs are thin and easily bent, but this is standard for wire rakes. Don’t misuse it, and it will last for years. 

TRG The Groundskeeper II Rake

If you want something a bit more standard, the Groundskeeper II is a great choice. This wide rake has thin, flexible tines that will gently gather up leaves from gardens, shrubs, and grass. It’s perfect for going over gardens and other fragile areas, since it won’t damage your plants as you work. 

While it looks fragile, this rake can move soil, fertilizer, leaves, and even gravel. It might have trouble gathering up large amounts of rotting leaves, twigs, or sticks, but it is the perfect tool for those with delicate gardens. This is one of the best lawn rakes for general use; it’s sturdy and should last a lifetime.

Best Garden Rakes

Garden rakes are a bit different than the other rakes on this list. They aren’t flexible, and they aren’t meant for going through grass. Instead, they’re best used for spreading soil, combing through flowerbeds, and overturning dirt and weeds. The prongs can easily catch roots and rip them up, and they’re strong enough to spread gravel and rocks without bending. 

You can also bust out these rakes for other tasks, like raking up leaves and brushing off shrubs. While they are a bit unyielding, they’re sturdy and versatile. If a job needs doing, you can probably get away with using a standard garden rake. It might not as quick, but it will get the job done. 

True Temper Steel Bow Rake

If you need a classic, reliable garden rake, then the True Temper Steel Bow Rake is the tool for you. The design is straightforward, with strong metal teeth and a wide head. While it might be difficult to fit into nooks and crannies, it can be used to rake up lawn debris and spread rocks with no problem. The long prongs can also be used to poke holes in the turf to prepare for seeding. 

The fiberglass handle is lightweight, and comes with a cushioned grip for stability. This bow rake isn’t particularly good for clearing out tight spaces or going over uneven terrain, but it can be used for plenty of other tasks.

Best Powered Rakes

Powered rakes use a motor to scarify your yard. These are ideal for those with large lawns or disabilities that keep them from dethatching their yard by hand. Dethatching can be a very labor-intensive process, and a powered rake can help make this easier for those that don’t have the time or energy to toil away for hours at a time. 

Automatic dethatchers are similar to lawnmowers: you push the powered rake around your yard, and it does the rest for you. They are usually electric, though gas options exist. If you dread dethatching your yard every year, investing in a powered rake can make the process a breeze. 

Greenworks Amp Corded Dethatcher

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use dethatcher with multiple depth settings, the Greenworks Powered Dethatcher isn’t a bad investment. You’ll need to mind the cord as you go, but the steel tines will make quick work of your lawn. This tool is also rather small, which makes it easy to store away until the next time you need it.   

However, this dethatcher doesn’t collect the debris it rips up, so you’ll be needing an actual rake once you’re done. While it does the hard work of dethatching your lawn, you’re still stuck with the cleanup afterwards. 

Sun Joe Electric 2 in 1 Lawn Dethatcher

The Sun Joe Electric 2 is the recommended choice for anyone looking for a flexible electric dethatcher/scarifier. The sturdy wheels allow it to go over uneven terrain easily, and it quickly rips up thatch as you walk. There’s no need for raking afterward; the Sun Joe comes with a bag attachment that collects the roots, stems, and shoots as they’re removed. This is one of the best lawn rakes if you need a powered option.

This powered rake has few flaws; it gets the job done quickly and makes clean-up easy, and you can ccontinue on with your day, once the dethatching is done. Definitely an investment worth the money.

Making Your Purchases 

It can be a difficult choice to pick the best lawn rake, especially if you’re not sure what you need. Before buying anything, make a quick assessment of your yard and decide what kind of rake will benefit you most.

If you just need something to gather leaves and debris, anything more than a leaf rake will be overkill. On the other hand, trying to use a plastic rake for everything will just lead to broken prongs and a lot of frustration. 

Your storage shed isn’t complete with just rakes, either. There’s plenty of other tools that can make your job easier, including leaf scoops and reusable lawn bags. If you’re looking to streamline your lawn care process as much as possible, look into getting additional tools as well. Some rakes can be bought in bundles with gloves, bags, scoops, and dustpans.

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